Families today are struggling and many feel there is nowhere to turn. Parents have conflicts with their children, couples have martial and relationship difficulties, and families are going through some tough times. Children may suffer as well with emotional and behavioural difficulties. I offer several types of counselling services to meet families’ needs.

Family Counselling

Families sometimes need coaching to get them through struggles. Counselling as a family can address difficulties that separate family members. It can help develop positive communication and cooperation. I help families find hope to move forward and resilience from overcoming past obstacles.
Parent coaching takes a look at the strategies you are using with your children to see what could work better, and longer term family counselling can address deeper issues. Whatever your needs are, I will help you find out what could work for you.

Couples Counselling

Marriages can go through difficult times and counselling helps to resolve conflicts, talk about past hurts and experiences, and develop new strategies for communication and learning to love again. I offer couples counselling that looks at family patterns of functioning, current reactivity and where hope and resilience can be built.

Therapeutic Play & CBT for Children

Play is the way children express themselves. Sometimes children can talk about what is going on in their lives, but sometimes they cannot. Therapeutic play (or play therapy) uses open-ended play experiences to help children access feelings, thoughts and problem-solving strategies. Using materials such as puppets, art materials, a sand tray and figures, children ‘play through’ and talk about some of the issues that they are dealing with.
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or CBT involves using activities and strategies to address specific situations or diagnoses. Children and parents are taught ways to understand, manage and reframe what they are up against in order to move forward with new ideas for helping them cope and grow.
In all child therapy situations, parents or caregivers are involved by participating in some sessions, fine-tuning home management strategies and ‘best practices’, and monitoring their child’s progress at home and in the community.

Some reasons children come for play therapy are:

  • Grief and Loss
  • Dealing with Separation and Sivorce
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Nightmares and Sleep problems
  • Trauma and Abuse
  • Social Exclusion and Bullying
  • Delayed Development
  • Behaviour Challenges
  • Autism and Self-regulation Difficulties
  • Adjustment Difficulties

Infant Massage

Using baby massage with your infant can help promote relaxation, interaction, relief and a secure relationship. This five session workshop for groups or individual parents or couples is developed by the International Association of Infant Massage, and gives you all you need to know about infant massage in a safe and comfortable atmosphere with you and your baby – whether it is in my office or your home. Each 60-90 minute session provides plenty of practice and focus on reading your infant’s cues. and addressing questions or concerns.

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